Why Cattle Affineur Program?

Partnership Benefits

Our Cattle Affineur Program is among Farmcradle’s most desired Paiwi Programs. It has the advantage of having the shortest contract maturity date of 1 year. And it also has the attractive returns of 15% per annum.  Our Cattle Affineur Program costs Php1,000,000 and is paid in full upon contract signing. After one year, you’ll receive Php1,150,000. We know that not everyone is able to provide the initial Php1M, hence, we are allowing co-partnership.  You can find a co-partner to share the capital investment.  However, we will only allow one signatory in the contract.  All payment contributions and pay-out distribution is internal arrangement between you and your co-partner/s.  Optionally, but we would suggest that you have a separate memorandum of understanding (MOU)  between you and your co-partners on the division of capital and returns as we will only be paying to the principal partner on the contract.  If you are unable to find a partner to share the contract with, we’ll be able to help you as we may have similar inquiry as well.  However, it is still best if you are well-acquainted, have a relationship with or is related to your partner.  

Tangible Contributions

So what is the Cattle Affineur System all about? Upon engaging with Farmcradle, we will acquire 40 male cattle 6-7 months in age. We will then be the ones to manage and take care of them, feeding them all-grass and nutritious produce until they reach a desirable weight for slaughter. 

The cattle we fatten for our Program contribute to the market’s demand for high-quality beef cuts and parts. We brand our cattle meat, Angas Beef, known for its distinct Filipino taste and its fat and tender meat. Hotels are currently our main market, however, as our production continues to grow, we see ourselves expanding further to other markets such as restaurants and food businesses. Therefore, the demand for our quality beef products continues to rise with no signs of stopping or decreasing. 

Interested in Partnering with Farmcradle’s Cattle Affineur Program? Learn more and find out our available slots by sending us an email at hello@farmcradle.com or call us at 0917 FCRADLE

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