Why Agri-Investments Are Both A SMART & COOL Choice



1. Livestock Agriculture in the Philippines has grown exponentially during the last 4 years alone thanks to the DV Boer Farm Enterprise. In this short time period, DVBF has been able to partner and create more than 90 other Subfarms thruout Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao-proof that it’s not just a trend, but people are willing to do this for the long term. 
2. Meat & Vegetable Produce will always have a demand. With the growing population of Filipinos, there is more to feed, and the demand for our products will grow along with it. Hence, you can be sure that Agri will never go out of trend!
3. It’s a tangible investment. People who partner with Farms can visit and see for themselves the animals, structures & improvement that are present with their partner farm. With Money Market Products, you cannot see where your investment is going – you wait and hope for the best outcome; with Agri-investments, you don’t only see where your capital goes, you can literally touch, eat, & experience them! 


1. Ever heard of #AgriCoolTure? Gone are the days when Agri is thought of as rural, boring & traditional. Advanced & integrated farms such as Farmcradle now have Exotic Animals, a Hydroponics garden, soon a Butterfly Sanctuary, & so much more. Farms now are attractive tourist spots and are great locations for team building, family & barkada trips, and could even serve as a nature sanctuary. 
2. Want to express your love of country? Partner or invest with our farms! For one thing, you are helping provide employment for thousands of farmers across the nation. Our farmers are given all the benefits of a regular employee in big corporations and more! We ensure that your investment goes to uplifting the lives of our kababayans (not to mention our contribution to food security) and that is certainly worth being proud of.
3. Part of our advocacy is to educate our kababayans all about agriculture. With Farmcradle, we make sure that we bring you smart, funny, and interesting information about farming which you can teach and share with others. As they say, #smartisthenewsexy or in our case, #smartissupercool!
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