Which Pa-Iwi Package Is Right For You?

When choosing between Farmcradle’s Three Paiwi Packages, you must take into consideration: Package Price, Package Duration, Net Profit in Peso, Annual Returns as well as your Personal Advocacy. Take a look at each of the categories and how they relate to each other in order to make the best choice for you. 

 Package Price. All of Farmcradle’s Paiwi Packages require a one-time initial payment. Our Cattle Affineur is ₱1M, Dairy Goat is ₱160,000, and Heritage Chicken is ₱100,000. As a potential Partner, your initial consideration would be which package you can afford. Package Duration. Each of our packages has varying durations. Our shortest term is our Cattle Affineur with 13 months, next is Heritage Chicken with 18 months or 1.5 years, and lastly, our Dairy Goat with 3 years and 2 months. Make this a consideration when thinking about how soon you wish to get your earnings OR the duration of time your money is NOT liquid. You may not withdraw your payment once it is done and our Payouts will strictly follow the schedule agreed upon in our package contract.  Package Returns in Percentage. The returns from each of the Packages are also different. Per year, the Cattle Affineur and Dairy Goat Paiwi Packages earn a similar 15%. However, in total the Dairy Goat Paiwi is able to earn 45% due to the duration of the Package. On the other hand, the Heritage Chicken Paiwi earns 20% in 1.5 years or 13.3% per annum.  Package Returns in Peso Value. The percent returns of all our Packages are similar, however, it is significantly different when looking at it as Net Profit in Peso Value. Cattle Affineur is the largest at ₱150,000, but also because it requires the largest package cost. Net Profit for Dairy Goat Paiwi is ₱72,500 (in 3 years and 2 months) and finally, the Net Profit for Heritage Chicken Production is ₱20,000. Personal Advocacy. Opening a Paiwi Package with Farmcradle has implications that go beyond merely monetary interests. Choosing one type of Paiwi over the other means you are contributing specifically to the propagation and growth of your chosen livestock.  In Agriculture, Farmcradle’s main focus is on developing and increasing the size and quality of Dairy Goats in our country. When you choose Dairy Goat Paiwi, you contribute to building the foundation for Dairy Goat Production in the Philippines. Similarly, when you chose Cattle Affineur, you are contributing to the production of High-Quality Beef. This is because our Cattle are bred thru the standards put forth by DV Boer Farm in producing Angas Beef™. Finally, when you chose our Heritage Chicken Paiwi, you help supplement the strong demand of our nation for quality Chicken Meat Products. 

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