What’s Behind the Name and Logo of Farmcradle?

Our Farm Name

A brand’s name is what is remembered and is instilled on a person’s memory. For Farmcradle, there was so much careful thought that took place and there were a handful of other good options we had to decide against before we made the choice that we would take decades into the future.

“Farmcradle” is short, simple, easy to remember but is full of meaning. Cradle is an infant’s bed or crib, it protects a child, keeps her warm, and is a safe place for her to rest. Cradle is also the act of holding gently and protectively, just as a mother would her young infant or child. This ties into our practice of animal rearing, specifically the Paalaga or Paiwi System. We make sure that our animals live comfortably, live in strong, warm structures, are always well-fed and are taken care of with a human touch. Cradle is also how we treat our partners, employees, and the environment. There is always a personal touch, responsibility and fairness we wish our community to feel whenever they interact with us.

Indeed, Farmcradle embodies who we are as a people, who we are as a farm. 

Our Logo


A logo is a visual representation of an individual or company’s identity, reputation, and values. When you look at it, it should be able to effectively communicate the essence of the brand it represents. When we were envisioning Farmcradle’s Logo, we wanted it to embody who we are on top a design that looks attractive and modern.

The four animals—cattle, goat, chicken, and pig—represents our main operations in livestock production. The blue sky represents clear skies and a bright future ahead. The cradle represents a home for our animals and at the same time it ties up with Noah’s Ark which gathered different animals, in all shape and form, and kept them safe from the storms and the great flood that ensued. 

Local. Natural. Sustainable.


Our three taglines are an extension of Farmcradle.

Farmcradle champions Local Farming. We partner with Filipinos both living in our country and abroad, we hire people who reside near our community, we tie up with other local farmers in our province, and as much as possible we acquire goods from local suppliers. More importantly, we sell our products locally. 

Natural is how we do our farming. We do not inject our animals with growth hormones nor have them go thru unnecessary medications. We also feed them 100% grass and corn. Our herb and vegetable production is also done thru natural methods making use of natural and organic fertilizers and smart farming to help them grow as healthy as their mass-produced counterparts. 

Sustainability is an ongoing challenge that Farmcradle and many of our country’s farms face. Together, our goal is making not only our company’s operations sustainable, but have an overflow of abundance to be able to contribute to the food security of our country—making us and our country as a whole, able to sustain its people.

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