TESDA Accredited Farm School

Today, Farmcradle is Officially a TESDA Accredited Agricultural Training Center! Congratulations to all of us, KaFarmilya!

Farmcradle Training and Assessment Center Inc. is now a sub-entity of Farmcradle International and is focused on Education and Training in the field of Agriculture. We are now officially both ATI (Agricultural Training Institute) and TESDA Accredited and are allowed to issue completion certificate to our students! This means Farmcradle will be a center for excellence and is a reliable source of Training and Education in the field of Agriculture. Our community can come to us for Agri-related education and they can be assured that they are getting top notch education. Neighboring universities can also send their students to us for OJT and hands on training. In fact, this is already in place and even agriculture students from overseas have come to us for hands-on training.

Sa patuloy nating pagtutulungan, ay maaabot natin ang ating mga mabubuting layunin! Salamat sa inyong suporta, KaFarmilya! Let’s educate our future generation!

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