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Why Be Dairy Goat Agripreneur?

Goats eat less and occupy less grazing space compared to cattle that is why they are considered to be “the poor man’s cow”. a lot of families opt to keep them in their backyard as a way to provide the family’s needs, and for a long time, people have thought that goats have limited opportunities especially since the Philippines is not mainly a “goat eating” country, but it has been recently proven to be false by a group of modern farmers as they have tapped on a gap in the market for the unrecognized potential of goat farming.



This business dynamic that was created by the Dexter Villamin, President and Founder of DV Boer Farm is a unique concept which enables people who have always had an interest in farming – or what we would like to call those who are “farmers by heart” – to fulfill their dream of having a farm to come home to and enjoy seeing farm animals that they can call their own – without the hassle of taking care of them.


“Pa-iwi” or “pa-alaga” has always been practiced in rural communities. This concept is a partnership built on trust between the capitalist, a person who can fund the initial requirements needed for the raising of livestock and buying the livestock itself, and the“manager” who has the necessary space requirement needed, the capability, and time to feed and look after the overall welfare of the livestock. The individuals come into an agreement and split the profit that will come after the harvest, wherein the livestock may be either sold or slaughtered.




DV Boer Farm revolutionized this pa-iwi system and turned it into large scale farming, where animals are sold in “packages” for a certain amount and has a standard return on investment depending on the package chosen. “Pa-iwi partners” (a term coined for those who participate in the program) are welcomed into the company as part owners of the livestock, which will allow them to enjoy the benefits of having a farm where they will always be warmly welcomed by our fellow farmers. But aside from the profitable income, Pa-Iwi Partners will be able to help realize DV Boer Farm’s vision of alleviating the standard of living of all our Filipino farmers.


Farmcradle was the first accredited subfarm of DV Boer Farm. The farm is situated in the beautiful province of Pangasinan, in the town of Balungao, it focuses on the dairy goat raising program where they have different goat breeds like British Alpines, Saanens, Anglo Nubians, and Lamanchas which are sourced both locally and  abroad – specifically Australia. The imported goats are taken care of award winning breeders and champion bloodlines, which ensures the quality of the stock. When you visit the farm, you will be greeted by courteous staff who will make you feel welcome and the occasional baby goats that wear pajamas.



What’s in the Milk?


Goat’s milk is said to be a better alternative when it comes to human consumption due to its high nutritional content (13 percent more calcium, 25 percent more vitamin B-6, 47 percent more Vitamin A, 134 percent more potassium, 3 times more niacin, and four times higher in copper compared to cow’s milk) and the absence of Agglutinin, a substance that causes particles to set and form a thickened mass, which makes it easier to digest compared to cow’s milk.


Although Farmcradle is at the initial stage of creating the supply for the goat’s milk, the company sees the potential and the value that can be added into the plain harvested milk. By expanding the operations to cheese-making, ice cream making, and much more, the company will be able to make more people realize nature’s gift in which these beautiful dairy goats can offer, while creating a healthy and sustainable lifestyle for the animals as well.


The company has begun creating a variety of products from soaps, lotions and oil essences in order to create more job opportunities and livelihood projects for the people residing in Pangasinan, and through these game-changing moves, Farmcradle  will be able to help the realization of the advocacy that DV Boer Farm and the other sub-farms are striving for: to be able to provide fresh, low-cost meat, farm and dairy products to the tables of all Filipino families, as a solution for the country’s problems in malnutrition, health complications and high importation of goods, thereby promoting sustainability for the whole country.



How to be a farmcradle’s dairy goat agripreneur?

To know more about our programs, you may find out more information on the link below:

How to be a Pa-Iwi Partner at Farmcradle


other profitable livelihood programs:

Currrently, Farmcradle offers 3 programs available to its subfarms as well:


  • – Dairy Goat Pa-Iwi Program (Available at Farmcradle Balungao)
    – Cattle Affineur (Available a Farmcradle, Balungaom Pangasinan and El Rancho De Los Ben, Umingan, Pangasinan)
    – Cattle Surrogate Program (Available at El Rancho De Los Ben)

Benefits of Using Farmcradle’s Handcrafted Goat’s Milk Soap

It is always convenient to buy commercial brand soaps since it is found in grocery stores and drugstores. However, there are some downsides to using commercially available soap brands especially if you tend to have dry skin.

According to FDA, “Today there are very few soaps in the market. Most body cleansers, both liquid and solid, are actually synthetic detergent products. Detergent cleansers are popular because they make suds easily in water and don’t form gummy deposits. Some of these detergent products are actually marketed as “soap” but are not true soap according to the regulatory definition of the word.”

Commercially mass-produced soaps usually contain synthetic additives which acts as a detergent to remove dirt. Now, this is where why Farmcradle formulated and handcrafted goat’s milk soap as it contains natural ingredients which is good or both body and our environment.

Here are some of benefits why you may want to consider using Farmcradle’s handcrafted goat’s milk soap:

1. It Contains Vitamin and Minerals


Goat milk contains many vitamins, but is particularly high in Vitamin A, which is necessary to repair damaged skin tissue, and maintain healthy skin. There have been several medical studies showing that creams made with Vitamin A reduce lines and wrinkles, control acne, and provide some psoriasis relief. Water-based soaps can be artificially fortified with vitamins, but most aren’t. Not only Vitamin A, it also includes:


Vitamin D, which helps to soften the skin, and reduce the appearance of fine lines
Vitamin C, which gives skin strength and promotes collagen production which fights dryness and wrinkles.
Vitamin E, that helps prevents aging and dry skin



2. Goat’s Milk Soap has anti-ageing properties.


Goat milk has this amazing ability to help provide a youthful appearance and who doesn’t want that? It works because it contains a good amount of alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA), such as lactic acid that help break down the dead skin cells. When you remove the dead skin, you immediately gain a glow to the surface of the skin because it smooths it out and that can offer a more youthful appearance.

Alpha hydroxy acid is nothing new and can be found in tons of products such as body creams, sunscreens, acne products, shampoos and more, but again, it’s the natural chemical-free product that you want. Alpha hydroxy acids are really great at exfoliating and with that process, they increase blood flow to the skin, give your face and skin the much-needed rejuvenation it longs for, and ultimately help minimize fine lines and wrinkles.

3. Anti-Inflammatory Properties


Goat milk has the ability to reduce skin inflammation because it contains a fat molecule that not only moisturizes the skin, but possesses anti-inflammatory characteristics. A study was conducted regarding the use of goat milk, in particular because of the numerous reports of digestive issues and allergic reactions to cow milk. Even though the study focuses on the internal consumption, the external application can greatly benefit, too. The study points out that goat milk is able to provoke a release of anti-inflammatory cytokines, which help signal the cells by providing a stronger immune response. So, even though drinking or eating products that contain goat milk can have a direct effect, when you put it on your skin, the skin soaks up those benefits as well.


4. Reduces and Treats Acne

Goat milk unlike cow’s milk, may help treat acne-prone skin. It contains special properties that can offer a sort of exfoliation for the skin. The exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells, that if not removed can cause your skin pores to clog, causing unwanted acne to surface.


Additionally, goat milk contains antibacterial properties that can eliminate and even prevent acne altogether, and it can even help reduce swelling and itching that acne can cause.


5. Moisturizes


Fat molecules are an important part of making good soap. The cream that is present in goat milk helps boost the moisturizing quality of goat milk soaps. Since many people suffer from dry skin, particularly in the winter months, this is an important quality for soap. Goat milk soap will not dry your skin out like many other soaps. This is important because keeping skin naturally moisturized helps keep skin healthy.




6. Heals Skin Infections Quickly


It can soothe our skin without causing itchiness. On the other hand, it also offers effective anti-microbial effects. Therefore, the soap made from it can easily be used to heal skin infections, such as rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, and contact dermatitis faster.


7. Protects Skin From Skin Cancer


Goat milk soap contains lots of selenium, which was proved by scientists, can protect our skin from the damaging ultraviolet rays of the sun, keeping skin cancer at bay.


8. PH Level of Goat’s Milk Soap is Similar to Human Skin


Our skin loves to soak up the moisturising effects of goats milk because the pH level this ingredient is extremely close to our skin. The similarity in pH levels also helps to protect the skin from bacteria and chemicals which may trigger a flare up of dry, irritated skin.


9. No Artificial Additives
Farmcradle’s Goat’s milk soap does not contain harsh detergents or any additives such as alcohol, petroleum and preservatives. This reduces the possibility of skin irritation and allergic reactions. Many people with eczema and other sensitive skin issues can use goat’s milk soap without any problems.


10. A Gentle Yet Effective Cleanser

Most commercial soap relies on harsh detergents to cleanse the skin. These detergents, along with a myriad of chemicals found in commercial skin care products (like alcohols, parabens, dyes, and synthetic preservatives), do more damage than good. Have you ever used a bar of soap that dried your skin out or caused you to itch like crazy? Our Goat Milk Soap won’t. That’s because our soap is made from goat’s milk, and natural oils such as Coconut, Olive, Canola and Palm Oils. All of which are natural ingredients known for their skin soothing effects and rejuvenating benefits. Compare these with petroleum-derived detergents and you’ll begin to understand why synthetic skincare products irritate your skin. Our Goat Milk Soap can be used on your hands, body, face, and even as shampoo.


11. Less Allergens

Goat milk soap is less allergenic than synthetically loaded commercial soaps and detergents.



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