Summer Job Openings at Farmcradle Balungao


Farmcradle Balungao just opened its barn doors to students and community members who are interested in learning all about the ins and outs of farming in our Summer Jobs Program. 


What will you expect to learn?

Through this summer job, you’ll learn how a big farm operates. You’ll get exposed and have hands-on experience with goats, chickens, and cattle, and learn how to take care of them. There are also activities that involve organic farming and vermiculture.

If you are put in admin duties, you’ll learn how to take account of the activities in the farm. You’ll learn how to manage groups and individuals, and make sure the farm is running smoothly.


Interested? Check out the guidelines below:

1. The applicant must be 15 – 19 years old and still studying.

  • You may bring any school ID OR a letter or proof from your parents acknowledging that they are aware that you’re applying for a summer job.

2. The application is also open to the child/children, siblings/relatives of employees within the community.

3. The trainee would be working for 8 hours a day but shall not be allowed to work for more than 40 hours in a week according to Republic Act No. 9231.

4. The trainee would be receiving Php 150.00 per day as well as free breakfast and lunch.

5. No medical check-up would be needed. In cases when the applicant has asthma and/or other illnesses that can be transferred to the animals or affect other workers in the farm, he or she will be assigned to admin work.

6. No person below 18 years of age can be employed in a hazardous or deleterious undertaking (as per DOLE guidelines).

7. The summer job can last up to 100 days or until the school semester starts. (*Subject to change depending on the situation).


We are looking for:

  • Farmhands (cleaning, planting, includes physical work)
  • Animal helpers (handling animals, feeding, cleaning, monitoring)
  • Admin Assistants

*Other than learning, please expect that there will be some physical labor involved in a summer job at the farm.


We’re accepting applicants now!

Please email: Judith Peralta at
Call 0917 124 3594 for more details.

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