Subfarm Accreditation

Farmcradle Subfarm Accreditation

Becoming a Farmcradle Subfarm is in essence opening a Franchise. A Subfarm is an independent corporation from Farmcradle and as a Subfarm Owner, you can apply your own management style and personality to your farm. However, the animal-raising & breeding techniques, the structure of animal houses, the feeding methods, as well as the Paiwi Systems must follow the standard put forth by DV Boer Farm & Farmcradle. This is to ensure the quality of the meat produced & goat breed upgrading by each Subfarm. While following the Paiwi System ensures the sustainability of your Farm operations.
Becoming a Subfarm is establishing your own Farm Corporation. As a minimum requirement, you must have at least 3 hectares of land with access to roads. Ideally, some research must be done on your land: whether it is flood prone, have a good location, and other considerations. There is also a Subfarm or Franchising fee which in turn will provide you with all the mechanisms necessary to start your farm, as well as give you the DVBF Subfarm brandname and accreditation. 

Becoming a “subfarm” means that your farm will be ACCREDITED under Farmcradle Philippines Incorporated.

ACCREDITATION means that Farmcradle will provide you with technical assistance, operating manuals, ongoing support and access to our resources (such as livestock genetics), as well as assist you with location selection and marketing, and share brand recognition to help you get started with your own business.

Farmcradle is DVBF’s first & pioneering Dairy Goat Subfarm. We are the first to take on and focus on Dairy Goat production and we have already helped established a handful of subfarms throughout North Luzon. These includes Rancho De Los Ben, Linchoco Haven Farm, Calaranan Integrated Farm, E & S Mountainside Farmtrail Corp, and the most recent, Dahon Agri Farm and Celerina Nature Farm . It is thru our experience with our Subfarms that we are able to continuously refine our methods and techniques to ensure the sustainability of each of our farms. We’ve also established a harmonious and supportive relationship between our subfarms, sharing management methods & animal rearing practices that work best. 
Farmcradle will help you acquire Dairy Goat breeds that will enhance your stock. On top of that, we will share with you information on how to improve and expand your integrated farm by teaching you techniques already being applied in our farm and subfarms: hydroponic and organic vegetable gardens, silage making, vermiculture, mushroom cultivation and many more. 
Farmcradle can also provide hands-on training and animal husbandry classes for your farmers and staff in our farm. We’ll teach you the ideal characteristics to look for when you hire new staff. We’ll give you a checklist of the kinds of employees you need to hire and how many—farm technicians, veterinarians, administrative staff, farm hands—according to the scale of your operation. We will share with you our exclusive and extensive employee list showing both recommendable & blacklisted employees we have on record. People, after all, is among our most valuable assets and we want you to find the perfect match for your farm. 
Part of the process for starting a farm is finding a good location and Farmcralde is able to help you with land selection too.
In Farmcradle, we seek to find the balance between guidance and letting the Subfarm owners expand their horizons in their own terms. We are easily reachable, always a helping hand, and an experienced advisor for when you need us. 
If this sparks your interest, let’s start a conversation. Book a meeting with us to find out how you could be a Subfarm owner as well! We’re excited to meet and speak with you! Send us an email at or call us at 0917 123 3594.


PDF Presentation: View and Download

If after you’ve read thru our PDF Primer and you are greatly interested in becoming our Subfarm, please prepare and email the following documents to with the subject SUBFARM INQUIRY:

1. Letter of Intent

2. Proof that farm is at least 3 hectares and above

3. Photos and videos of the farm

Both parties will mutually engage each other on clarifying the finer points of the agreement. 

Applicant formally notifies Farmcradle of intention to be a sub- farm

Farmcradle evaluates application and renders a decision.

Once approved, a copy of the standard agreement is forwarded to the applicant for review.

El Rancho Delos Ben – Umingan, Pangasinan, Philippines

Linchoco Haven Farm – San Antonio, Nueva Ecija, Philippines

Calaranan Integrated Farm – Sitio Bel-lag Barangay Bantog Sta. Maria Pangasinan, Philippines

E and S Mountainside Farmtrail – Brgy. Bayabas, Doña Remedios Trinidad, Bulacan, Philippines

Dahon Farm – Lumban, Laguna, Philippines

Celerina Nature Farm – Paniqui, Tarlac, Philippines

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