Pick N’ Pay Your Veggies

Hydroponics is the method of growing plants WITHOUT SOIL. Instead of soil, water infused with nutrients normally found in soil is used to grow the plants. We are happy to report that Farmcradle will be among the first few who will adapt this system. Starting a Hydroponic garden requires training and intelligent science for it to work and we are meticulously going thru the steps to get it right.  
Our hydroponic garden wouldn’t just be displayed for our visitors, we want it to be a part of your farm experience. We’ll have vegetable picking activities where you’ll be able to purchase and take home the fresh produce you’ve selected. And if you want to start a hydroponic garden of your own, we’ll make sure our garden keepers are well trained and knowledgeable in teaching curious minds all about the science and application of hydroponics.  
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