PAIWI 101 – Signing Up for Pa-iwi Online


After reading Farmcradle’s Paiwi Primer & Which Paiwi Package is Right For You, doing your own research, and having available funds. You may now proceed to the next step in becoming a partner!

  • 1. Get in touch with Farmcradle and learn which Paiwi Package is still available or when the Package of your choice will be available.
  • 2. Upon confirmation from Farmcradle, you may now proceed to creating an online account.


  • 1. To register, visit, click either Sign in with Facebook or Sign in with Google from the main page. Clicking any of these buttons will open a Profile Page.
  • 2. Fill out the Profile Page, enter all the required fields and nominate a new password. We recommend creating a unique password as this will tighten your account’s security. Remember to link either your Facebook or Google account to your Profile and add your active email address. Click on the UPDATE button at the lower right corner when you’re done. 
  • 3. After filling out the form, Pa-iwi online will send a confirmation email. To confirm your email, click or tap the link in the email you got when you created the account.
  • 4. Visit Pa-iwi Online and log in using the new created account.


  • 1. Inform Farmcradle that you’ve already created an account under Pa-iwi Online. Provide us with the email you used to register.
  • 2. Farmcradle will then send you a PAI-WI OFFER. You will be notified via your email when the offer is sent.
  • 3. Log-in to your Pa-iwi Online Account. Go to My Pa-iwi tab on the left, double check if the Pa-iwi Offer is correct, then click on the Accept Offer. 


My Pa-iwi tab: Click on VIEW to open the window below.

  • 1. Deposit your Pa-iwi Package Fee to Farmcradle’s Account. Farmcradle’s Bank details can be found under Banking. Remember that you only have three days to make your deposit once you’ve accepted the Online Offer. 
  • 2. After your deposit, upload a photo of your Deposit Slip to Step 3 First Payment. You will then receive an acknowledgement document on your email a day or so after your upload. It’s also best to inform us that you’ve already uploaded your Deposit in Pa-iwi Online. 
  • 3. Once you receive the acknowledgement in your email, a copy of the contract will be available in My Pa-iwi: Step 1 Get Copy of Contract for Signing.
  • Download the PDF Copy of your contract.
  • There are two ways to sign the contract: digital or hard copy. For digital, fill out the fields required in the contract, you may attach a digital signature on all the pages. If manual, please print a hard copy of the contract, fill out accordingly and sign all the pages. Take a photo of the all the pages of the filled out contract and convert it to pdf (you can download an Android or iOS app to do this).
  • Upload your signed pdf contract to Step 2 Attached Sign Contract
    Inform Farmcradle that you’ve already uploaded your signed contract to Pa-iwi Online and provide us with your mailing address.
  • 4. Farmcradle with send a notarized copy of your contract via express mail. All done at this point. You may now wait for your schedule of Pay-outs.
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