Farm Cradle And DV Boer Farm At Agrilink 2016

It was a very successful event at Agrilink! We are so happy to share with you some photos we too during Agrilink last October 6-8, 2016 at the World Trade Center, Pasay City, Philippines. There were lots of exhibitors who participated during this big event such as farms /...

Why Goat’s Milk Is Better Than Cow’s Milk

Goat’s milk is a much healthier alternative, especially when it is raw and organic. Goats produce about 2% of the global milk supply and it is interesting that most of the populations of people who consume goat milks cite a lower incidence of allergies and digestive complaints. Here are...

What Makes A Suitable Goat Housing

A suitable goat housing or shelter is very important for goat farming business. Because goats also need house like other domestic animals for staying at night, security, preventing them from adverse climate, such as rain, cold, sunlight etc. Some people used to keep their goats with other domestic animals...


Farmcradle was founded by Tony and Sandy Santos. They offer high-quality goats that is bred and grown on their farm.  They started this business because they wanted to contribute in helping the agriculture in the Philippines especially in raising goats.

With the help of Dexter Villamin, owner of DV Boer Farm, he inspired the couple to raise goats in their own farm situated in Balungao, Pangasinan, Philippines


Eating never goes out of fashion. With the continuous growth in economy, eating habits get improved. The quality and frequency of consuming meat is on the increase. There is an ever increasing demand for goat meat. Goats are quite a fertile lot and can be raised without much capital. The reward-risk ratio compares favourably with goat rearing as opposed to any other kind of animal husbandry and farming. Raising goats provides a good business case for an entrepreneur.



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