Millennial Farmers in Agriculture

Farming is among the world’s oldest professions. In a 2013 study of Philippine Agriculture, it showed that ages of farmers averaged 57 years old and our country faced a critical shortage of farmers in 15 years. How then will we face the challenge of food shortage evident by the extreme increase in food prices as of late?

A year after that study was published, Dv Boer Farm was founded. Now, in 2018, after merely four years, DVBF was able to establish another 90 plus Subfarms all over the country. And among the greatest impact of DVBF and its Subfarm, is its pursuit and success in hiring more of Millennial-aged agriculturists and farmers.

Millennials are those born between 1982 and 2002, their age ranges from 36 to 16 years old (note that the age range may be different depending on your source). Because of the modern and socio-entrepreneurial character of DVBF, Farmcradle and fellow Subfarms, its utilization of social media, and having fair and attractive salaries, we are able to hire more MIllennials into our fold. In Farmcradle alone, we have more than 70 millennial-aged employees. We’ve been hiring fresh graduates aged 20-21 years old and will continue to hire the younger generation of farmers as we grow.

At Farmcradle, we, in fact, have a preference for Millenials to come and join our fold. Millennials are more efficient and rely more on technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship. They speak their mind, are more passionate and sociable, and have a greater influence on their community because of social media. We then make use of these strengths to spread knowledge about farming and attract other younger #farmers to join.

But aside from these facts, let’s hear what some of our youngest hires have to say about why they chose Agriculture and Farmcradle:

“Noong una po kasi mama ko po ang namili ng aking kurso, pero nung napasok ko na at naexperience ko na, ganoon pala kaimportante at kasaya ang pagtatanim. Sa agriculture, tayo pala ang pinakafoundation bago ang lahat ng courses kasi saatin nangggaling lahat – damit, pagkain, gadgets (copper), housing, cosmetics etc. halos lahat galing sa Agriculture. At hindi dapat nila “Lang” or binabasta basta ang Agriculture. Pinili ko ang Farmcradle dahil sila ang unang nagbigay ng opportunity para ishowcase ang mga nalalaman ko at talento ko sa pagtatanim. Masaya ako kasi marami rin akong kaibigan na kasama ko sa trabaho at alam ko marami pa ako matututunan dito sa FCB.”

Anne Margarett De Fiesta
BS Agriculture – General Curriculum
Horticulturist at Farmcradle Balungao

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