Kalesa Ride

Farmcradle is bringing you down the memory lane with the luxurious ride from the “kalesa” or the “karwahe”. 

The kalesa is basically a horse drawn carriage, it was introduced to the Philippines in the 18th Century by the Spanish. It was the upper classes mode of transport, only the nobles and officials could afford the luxury of the Kalesa.

What is not to love about getting a ride inside the “kalesa” driven by our own Farmcradle kabayos. This is the perfect ride around the farm if you mind the long walk under the sun. While riding the kalesa, you can see the farm animals at an elevated height from the carriage, you can feel the rhythm of the moving carriage and hear the beat of the horse’s gait. Our kalesa ride is perfect for well-sought farm experience.

Aside from the kalesa ride, you can also try our ATVs, trampolines, a rope course, a Christmas Village, animal husbandry, vegetable gardening, and so many others! There are more than a handful of reasons why Farmcradle is an awesome destination for people with a variety of interests.

Book your Farm visit now by sending us a message thru Facebook, email us at hello@farmcradle.com or call us at 0917 123 3594!

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