Important Tips to Know When Raising Boer Goats

One of the easiest breeds of goats to take care of are Boer Goats, but you still need to know what to do and how.
Boer goats are adabtable. They are able to live in different climates, from hot temperatures to dry climates.  Compared to other breeds, they grow faster and best of all, they are fertile. So if you are thinking to venture business into breeding goats for a profit, the Boer goat is a definite winner.


Raising goats is a great experience, but only if you know what you are doing.  Without the correct information about raising your goats, feeding them and taking care of them can put your goats in jeopardy, and can cause them to get sick, and ultimately die. That will be a loss for you, as you will have wasted time, effort and money.


Goats like dogs are social beings, they are not meant to exist in solitude. They are meant to interact with other animals, preferably with other goats. If you can only start with one goat, it’s recommended that you should have other animals that your goat can co-exist with.


Even more important information about raising Boer Goats:


1.  Make sure there is adequate space for the goats to run around.

2. Their shelter should be well ventilated, cleaned and maintained.

3. Supply these goats with a lot of clean water especially during the dry season.

4. Feed them hay as well as grain.

5. Vaccinate them if needed, consult your Veterinary in terms of these medications.

6. Provide supplements to keep them strong and protected from various diseases.

7. Deworm to make sure that the nutrients you provide are not absorbed by parasites or worms.

8. Know your goats, this way you will be quicker in noticing health issues if and when they arise.


Empower yourself with knowledge on raising these goats. Hands on is very important as well – with this in mind you will be on your way to healthy and profitable Boer goats.

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