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In collaboration with DFY – Greenhouse and Hydroponics System Builders – an innovative company specialized in providing efficient and high-quality solutions in Hydroponic cultivation, Farmcradle is proud to announce that we can provide setup of your very own Hydroponics in your backyard or farm.

Hydroponics is the method of growing plants WITHOUT SOIL. Instead of soil, water infused with nutrients normally found in soil is used to grow the plants. It is simple to setup, you use less water than traditional soil-based agriculture. You can plant 4 times the amount of crops in the same space as soil farming and grow them all year long.

Hydroponics Techniques

NFT System

Nutrient Film technique hydroponic systems are some of the most productive available. They are often the preferred / chosen method of commercial growing. Plant roots are grown in a light-tight and shallow channel. Nutrient solution is continuously circulated, flowing over the roots. This is vital to ensure that sufficient oxygen is supplied to the plants. A wide range of vegetables is supplied to the plants. A wide range of vegetables and ornamental crops can be grown in an NFT system.

Drip System

Drip System are the most widely used hydroponic systems in the world. They provide plenty of aeration because plant roots are never totally submerged, but are never allowed to dry out.

Drip systems also pull oxygen down with the water emitted from the drippers. This oxygen-rich water trickles over the plant roots and nourishes them. Operation is simple, a pump has tubing connected to it which branches off to feed many plants.

Nutrient solution is dripped at the base of each plant where it trickles through grow media and into the roots. Finally draining into the reservoir where it is reused or drained to waste.  

Greenhouse Models

Dome Type Greenhouse
7m x 20m

A-Frame Type Greenhouse
7m x 20m

A-Frame Type
7m x 16m

Project Inclusions

  • Construction of Commercial , Large / Small Scale Greenhouse and Hydroponics
  • 3-Day Training and Hands on in any of the Farmcradle Hydroponics Setup in Pangasinan or any of the subfarms
  • FREE Technical Support and Farm Audits
  • On-Site Free Seminar and Hands-On Training With Our Clients

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