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Pangasinan Adventure – Hundred Islands

A little north-west of Balungao and just an hour away is Alaminos, which boats of the Hundred Islands National Park. The Hundred Islands consist of 123 various-sized, mushroom-shaped islands scattered across Lingayen Gulf, covering an area of approximately 17sqm. Among the 123, there are three islands that have big enough surfaces to set-up a stay and thus are the most visited and popular for tourists. Those islands are the Governor, Quezon, and Children’s Island. Nevertheless, families, friends, and group travelers can rent a boat and explore what each of the islands have to offer. 

There are many things to do and explore across the Hundred Islands, the simplest, most popular and easiest is getting yourself a groufie with the panoramic backdrop of clear blue waters and mushroom-shaped, green islands. If you’re in a spiritual journey across Pangasinan, don’t forget to visit the Pilgrimage Island which boasts of a 17-meter Christ the Saviour statue.

If you’re a bit more daring and want exciting activities, the Hundred Islands have plenty to offer. You can go helmet diving and be amazed with the corals and tiny schools of fish found 4-6 meters underwater. There are also two zip lines located in Governor’s Island: a short 120-meter zip line, and a longer 546-meter line that connects to the nearby Virgin Islands. Aside from the thrill of a downhill harness ride, you also get a bird’s eye view of the beautiful islands and horizon. Want to jump of a 6-meter cliff? Jump in and explore the Imelda cave in Marcos Island! Want to see bats? Go to the Bat Island! 

Choose your own adventure. Many islands will offer kayaking, snorkelling, hiking and exploration activities, so don’t forget to bring along your trusty action camera!

Finally, if you’re there to chill and relax, you can lazy about, set up camp and chill in one of the many beach sides and white sands of the Hundred Islands. Food is abundant although a bit more expensive when you buy them in the islands. Still, you are guaranteed to be served fresh and delicious seafood. 
So what are you waiting for? Come to Pangasinan and visit the Hundred Islands in your next adventure!

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