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Guinea “Bengal” Fowls

A group of Guinea Fowl chicks just arrived in our farm! Guinea Fowls AKA Bengal Fowls, belong to the classification of Galliformes, which include Turkeys, Chickens, Quails and a few others. Guinea Fowls are endemic to Africa but have already spread all over the world. However, in the Philippines they are still considered “exotic” animals.

“Helmeted Guinea Fowls” are the most common and is the domesticated specie of the Guinea Fowl Family. They are characterised by a round shaped body with a small white coloured head. Their plumage is dark grey or black with white spots which looks attractive, however their head/face is rather hideous.

Guinea Fowls are raised for their meat and eggs, but others keep them as “watch birds.” These birds tend to be territorial and don’t like having other animals around. They are loud birds that will “alarm” when other animals or humans bother them. This is a way for the bird to keep egg-eating predators away from their coop. They are known to scaring off foxes, coyotes, raccoon and opossum, while a group of them will catch, kill and eat snakes! It’s a good thing our Farmhands knew this before hand, that way they can separate them from other birds and know what to expect.

A little extra: most Guinea Fowls keep a mate for life (monogamous), and they can live to up to 15, even 20 years. That’s over a decade of monogamy, pretty cool and interesting in our books!

We hope we’ve added a bit of knowledge and entertainment to your day. Like and share this posts so others will learn about Guinea Fowls too!


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