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FCB Team Building 2018

KaFarmilya, during this year alone, Farmcradle has gained more than 50 staff and farmers who are moving towards a regular employment status. Today, our Farmcradle Family is about 125 employees strong! And because OUR PEOPLE is our secret sauce, their education and growth are in our top priority. 
Farmcradle is holding a 4-Day Team Building Seminar and Workshop starting today. All our employees, old and new, will undergo Team Building together with the select focus group they belong to. As our company grows, we want to maintain having a personal relationship and instill a sense of camaraderie between our people. We are focusing our energies on inner-company communication and staff management. At the same time, we are pushing for our technical staff—farm techs, admins, horticulturists, and animal techs—to learn how to step up and grow in their respective fields, as well as learn the leadership skills necessary for independent problem-solving and for heading smaller teams under them. And yes, we made sure we have choice facilitators to help make this training as effective as possible. 
Team Building activities and training like these help our people feel motivated in accomplishing more and becoming the best they can be. This is our way of showing them that we care about their personal growth and that how they communicate and relate to their colleagues matter just as much. All our staff is excited for the next days of activities and growth! Please wish us a good outcome!


Thank you, KaFarmilya, this and all we do are the result of your continued support! We wish you a productive week! 

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