Pa-Iwi or Paalaga System means that the owner would put in trust a cow / goat to a farmer or trusted individual to take care of the livestock. Any offspring would be equally divided in half between the owner and the farmer.

For the Dairy Goat Package, we have 3-month installment program.

1st Month – 50% DP PHP 160,000
2nd Month – 25% DP PHP 80,000
3rd Month – 25% DP PHP 80,000

Bank Transfer or Cheques Payable to:


Account Name: Tony and Sandy Farm
Checking Account #: 647550600017
Bank: Philippine National Bank
Account Branch: G/F 101, The Infinity Tower, 26th St, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines
Swift Code: PNBMPHMM


Account Name: Tony and Sandy Farm
Checking Account #: 2750-0031-44
Bank: Bank of The Philippine Islands
Account Branch: N. Garcia – Kalayaan / BR 275

Yes, you can put 2 or 3 names in the contract but will only issue the payout to only one contact.

We will ask your bank account and we will deposit your pay-out directly to your account.

1st Payout: 90,000 (After 12 Months)

2nd Payout: 135,000 (After 20 Months)

3rd Payout: 135,000 (After 28 Months)

4th Payout: 135,000 (After 36 Months)

*There is an eight (8) month interval for every payout after the 12 month.

We have 4 ways for you to sign the contract.

1.) We’ll send you the contract via email, you can print our 3 copies. Sign the contract. And mail it to us.

Mailing Address:
8017 Honradez Street, Barangay Olympia, Makati City 1207
Contact Number: 0916 648 4550

2.) We’ll send you the contract via email, you can sign the contract. Scan it and make sure that it’s in .PDF file. Send the scanned contract to us via email.

Email Address: hello@farmcradle.com

3.) You can visit the farm anytime to do the contract signing.

Farmcradle Balungao
San Raymundo, Balungao, Pangasinan
If you are driving on your way to the farm, just use your Waze App and type in San Raymundo Elementary School (Nearest Landmark) . We are just few seconds away from the school.

4.) If you are an OFW and want to sign up for the package, you can fill out the form and upload necessary documents online:

– Information
– Scanned Contract
– Screenshot of Deposit Slip

Farmcradle Balungao Pa-Iwi Information Sheet

Yes, we do, please be guided on the chart below:

Yes, we’ll replace it. At the end of your contract, you will have 30 heads of does completely.

Option 1: You can either take home all your goats to your own farm. Owner of goats will pay the shipping fee.
Option 2: You can sell it to Farmcradle for PHP 5,000 (Salvage Value of Breeding Assset)

A. Profitable Goat Raising Program #1


B. Dairy Package

Pa-iwi Duration: 35 Months or 4 Kidding Cycles
Pa-iwi Package Cost: PhP 320,000
Number of Heads: 30 Heads Native Does
Projected Return: 98%
Price Per Kid: PhP 3,000
Insurance: PhP 20,250 / 35 months

B. Cattle Affineur Program

Pa-iwi Duration: 1 Year Renewable Contract
Pa-iwi Package Cost: PhP 1,000,000.00
Number of Heads: 40 heads mixed breed male cattle (6-7 months)
Projected Return: PhP 300,000.00
Insurance: 1 Year


Please e-mail us using the form below:

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3101C East Tower, Tektite Twin Tower Condominium, Ortigas, Pasig City

Farm Tour Appointment: 0917 123 3594

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