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Pa-Iwi or Paalaga System means that the owner would put in trust a cow / goat to a farmer or trusted individual to take care of the livestock. Any offspring would be equally divided in half between the owner and the farmer.

Farmcradle International, Inc. is DV Boer Farm’s pioneering Dairy Goat & Cattle Farm located in Balungao, Pangasinan. We are registered in the SEC and is among corporations valued at ₱100M and above. Our Farm is among the most developed farm-tourism destinations in Central Luzon where you will find a variety of local and exotic animals, experience many different adventure and leisurely activities, as well as learn and participate in our progressive Vegetable Farming and Livestock Raising Operations.

Our Pa-iwi or Paalaga system means that a Partner will serve a Financing Role in the rearing of livestock animals in Farmcradle. The Partner shall entrust all his livestock to Farmcradle to be taken care of, bred to multiply, and ensure their good health and propagation. Farmcradle reserves the right to purchase back every single offspring produced from the entrusted livestock of the Partner, which is how the Partner is able to earn a profit. 

Farmcradle does NOT sell Securities, Investments, Stocks and other Money Market Products.

The Paiwi System we offer involves the selling, purchasing, and availing of Livestock Animals & Pa-alaga Services. In no part of our Paiwi Transaction and Contract is it indicated that Farmcradle sells Money Market Products. Futhermore, a secondary license from the SEC is required for any business entity to sell these Products. 

For a formal Legal Discussion on this matter, you may read and download this document: Legal Argument of Securities Vs. Paiwi

Pricing as of January 2019
Please refer to Paiwi Price List

One-time of 160K payment upon signing the contract.

One-time of 1M payment upon signing the contract.

One-time payment of 100K upon signing the contract.

Bank Transfer or Cheques Payable to:


Account Name: Tony and Sandy Farm
Checking Account #: 647550600017
Bank: Philippine National Bank
Account Branch: G/F 101, The Infinity Tower, 26th St, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines
Swift Code: PNBMPHMM


Account Name: Farmcradle Philippines Inc.
Checking Account #: 2751-0005-05
Bank: Bank of The Philippine Islands
Account Branch: N. Garcia – Kalayaan / BR 275

As of 2019, only one signatory for the contract. All co-partners are not named in the contract. Payment contributions and pay-out distribution are of internal arrangement with the principal signatory.

Please refer to Paiwi Price List for the schedule of Paiwi Pay-outs.

Quick Reference Guide below

Dairy Goat Paiwi

Payout Schedule
1st: Php 22,500.00 (on the 12th month)
2nd: Php 45,000.00 (on the 20th month)
3rd: Php 45,000.00 (on the 28th month)
4th: Php 45,000.00 (on the 36th month)
Salvage Value: Php 75,000.00 (on the 38th month)

Cattle Affineur

Payout Schedule
Php 1,150,000.00 (on the 13th month)

Chicken Paiwi

Payout Schedule
Php 120,000.00 (on the 18th month)

Managing your livestock thru our Paiwi Program is our passion.  We have streamlined the processes for you as our valued Partners.  You may expect your pay-out  smooth and timely.  All you need to do is register at our Paiwi Online.

Please refer to Paiwi Online Portal

You will be notified with your pay-out schedule thru our Paiwi Online.  

For Quick reference on your expected (guaranteed) investment returns, please refer to our Paiwi page.

Paiwi Packages

We will ask your bank account and we will deposit your pay-out directly to your account.

Lost? Or need directions to Farmcradle.  Simply go to Farm Tour Appointment page to see the Farm Map and Directions.  Please click below.

Farm Tour Appointment

Good news! To be a Paiwi Partner has no distances.  You can reach us anywhere!  Please refer to the guide below on how to be a Paiwi Partner.

You can also send you inquiry to us and we will get back to you with your preferred Paiwi Package information.  Please Click below

Paiwi Slot Inquiry

The payment made by the Partner shall be entrusted to Farmcradle. It will be used for all the expenses incurred during the entire process of livestock raising which includes food, safekeeping, shelter, as well as manpower requirements for all the animal’s needs, and includes veterinary services. 

Yes, we’ll replace it. All your livestock are insured in the duration of your contract period. 

For Diary Goat Paiwi, at the end of your contract, you will have 15 heads of does completely.  This is the same goes for Cattle Affineur (40 heads of cattle) and Chicken Paiwi (100 heads of chickens).

Our partners are paid with salvage value equivalent of Php 5000 per head of does as the end of the contract.  In effect, all kids and does at the end of your contract are bought back by the farm for continuous breeding.

This is for Dairy Goat Paiwi only.

Each farm has their own Paiwi program.  Some program are not yet available to other farms.

At Farmcradle we have three (3) paiwi packages that we offer.  Please check our Paiwi Page for more details.

Paiwi at Farmcradle

For inquiries, please submit thru our paiwi slot inqury

Paiwi Slot Inquiry

Our Cattle Affineur Program costs Php1,000,000 and is paid in full upon contract signing. After one year, you’ll receive Php1,150,000.

We know that not everyone is able to provide the initial Php1M, hence, we are allowing co-partnership.  You can find a co-partner to share the capital investment.  However, we will only allow one signatory in the contract.  All payment contributions and pay-out distribution is internal arrangement between you and your co-partner/s.  Optionally, but we would suggest that you have a separate memorandum of understanding (MOU)  between you and your co-partners on the division of capital and returns as we will only be paying to the principal partner on the contract.  If you are unable to find a partner to share the contract with, we’ll be able to help you as we may have similar inquiry as well.  However, it is still best if you are well-acquainted, have a relationship with or is related to your partner. 

You will get paid based on your Paiwi Package’s Payout Schedule. Your payment will be deposited directly to your nominated bank account. 
Farmcradle is a member of MAGSASAKA INC. and a subfarm under DV Boer Farm. As such, we are directed to deposit a certain portion of our earnings that act as security fund for us and the whole group that we can utilize anytime disaster or any problems in our farm occurs that will lead to mortalities of our herd. It is because of this that we are able to follow and commit to our Paiwi Partner’s Payout Schedule.


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