Dairy Goat Paiwi

Dairy Goat Paiwi Program

A Paiwi Program is a partnership program between Farmcradle and a Partner/s for raising, selling and making a profit out of livestock production. “Paiwi” means paalaga and that is the essence of the relationship between Farmcradle and its Partner. A Partner will fund the heads of livestock, while Farmcradle’s role is to raise and sell them for profit. Upon the scheduled payout, Farmcradle will pay its Partner their share of the profit.

Dairy Goats Package

15 heads dairy goats (does) breeding program within 36 months contract

Please go through the materials that we have prepared for you. Read and Watch them carefully.  This is so you can better understand the program and how it works.

Video: What is Pa-Iwi?

PACKAGE COST – ₱160,000 (1st month | 100% complete payment)

TOTAL PAYOUT ₱232,000 (after three years | Equivalent to 15% Net Profit per year or 45% Net Profit for three years)

Pa-Iwi Online is the smartest way to register with us. We require all our partners and soon to be partners to register at our Pa-Iwi Online Portal. If you have not done so, please make sure all your information including full name, contact information are accurate as they will be used for generating pa-iwi contracts soon. All transactions are visible in our Pa-Iwi Online portal including payment dues and pay-out schedules, so make sure you visit our Pa-Iwi Online regularly and connect with us.

Paiwi Online Portal
Paiwi Online Portal – Help Guide

All existing and new pa-iwi partners are welcome to reach out to our Farmcradle admin staff to avail or reserve a slot of our pa-iwi packages. If you have chosen to partner with Farmcradle, please inform our admin staff and we will walk you through our pa-iwi transaction thru our Pa-Iwi Online.

For transactions thru our Pa-Iwi Online Portal, please be guided below:

  1. Register at our Pa-Iwi Online if you have not done so.
  2. Contact our Framcradle admin staff to make reservations of our pa-iwi packages. (see Reserve a Pa-Iwi Slot section below)
  3. Wait for the package to be offered by Farmcradle admin staff. They will notify you once the package is offered. You only have three (3) days to confirm the package.
  4. Log-in to your Pa-Iwi Online account and quickly confirm the package that is being offered to you.
  5. Download the PDF contract with Farmcradle logo which contains your account information. (Make sure that your name and details are accurate).
  6. Print and sign the contract or place your digital signature if you have any. (see Signing the Contract section below)
  7. Scan and/or attached the signed contract back to our Pa-Iwi Online and wait for one (1) to two (2) weeks to notarize your contract. Check from the Pa-Iwi Online (My Pa-Iwi) on where to upload the document.
  8. Make payment at your chosen bank for the amount due. Please make sure payments are payable to Farmcradle bank account (refer to Making Payments section below for the bank details). Get the deposit slip once payment has been made.
  9. Scan and attached the deposit slip in our Pa-Iwi Online. Check from the Pa-Iwi Online (My Pa-Iwi) on where to upload the document.
  10. Wait for the notarized contract to be uploaded back to the Pa-Iwi Online. Once ready you can download it and safe keep it.

Congratulations! At this point, you have successfully completed your pa-iwi transaction. You will be notified further if you have any outstanding payment and upcoming pay-out. Check Pa-Iwi Online for regular updates, announcements from our group pf sub-farms.

Our Farmcradle admin staff are most welcome to answer your queries and calls. To reserve a Pa-Iwi slot with us, please choose any of your convenient way to reach us.

By Email: hello@farmcradle.com
By Phone: +639981991933 (Mae) +639150968570 (Tet)
By Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/farmcradle/
By Website: https://farmcradle.com
By Slot Inquiry: https://farmcradle.com/slotinquiry

Please go through the steps below on how to fill out and submit the contract form.
The steps below are the same for any of your chosen program:

1. Using Digital Signature – if you have a digital form of your signature which you can attached to the contract form, please proceed below.

Open the contract PDF file and digitally sign the document. If you are using Acrobat Reader, you may follow the steps in the link.

2. Using Manual Signature

a. Print the contract PDF file and place your signature to the designated areas. On the last page of the contract, please sign under the SECOND PARTY
b. Scan the filled-out form as PDF (make sure that the signature is visible, please use dark pen if necessary)

For Bank Payments or Wire Transfer Payment – Please send your payment to any of the following FARMCRADLE BUSINESS ACCOUNTS.

NOTE: Upon successful transaction please email  us a screenshot or photo. We will send you the invoice as well as the receipt upon successful payment.

• PNB (Philippine National Bank)
Account Name: Tony and Sandy Farm
Checking Account #: 142970008447
Bank: Philippine National Bank
Account Branch: G/F 101, The Infinity Tower, 26th St, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines

• BPI (Bank of the Philippine Islands)
Account Name: Sandy P. Santos
Company Name: Tony and Sandy Farm
Checking Account #: 2750-0031-44
Bank: Bank of The Philippine Islands
Account Branch: N. Garcia – Kalayaan / BR 275

After you’ve read thru our resources, looked at our Facebook page for testimonials, and done your research, you may now proceed to download and fill out our contract.

Dairy Goat Pa-Iwi Program


• Farmcradle Balungao Dairy Goat Paiwi Contract

*In-Person Contract Signing

You may also schedule a visit to our farm in San Raymundo, Balungao, Pangasinan to schedule an in-person contract signing. No need to print out a contract, just come to our farm with a government issued ID. Please schedule a visit thru 


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