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List of Our Documents of Administration

Farmcradle International Inc. is a formal and legal business entity registered in the Security and Exchange Commission. We operate in San Raymundo, Balungao, Pangasinan with a Mayor’s Permit and all the necessary licenses required in our Municipality. Rest assured that Farmcradle is a legally established business entity which you may come, visit & experience in Balungao, Pangasinan. 


Paid via Landbank

Renewed last Jan 24, 2019

Renewed last Jan 17, 2019

In Progress, Waiting for Certificate

In Progress, Waiting for Certificate

Which Pa-Iwi Package Is Right For You?

What factors should you consider when choosing between Farmcradle’s Three Paiwi Packages.

New Year’s Call and Recognition Rites

Today, Dex Villamin, thru his works in DV Boer Farm International has again been awarded, this time by the AFP, for his contribution in helping eliminate the insurgency and other forms of terrorism in Batangas. It is thru DVBF that community building flourished when it was able to provide economic and social opportunities for the members of Batangas province. This allowed people with different political and religious beliefs to unite thru their works in agriculture which prevailed against the call of those who want to cause disruption.

Because of his contributions, Dex Villamin received a recognition from Brigadier General Arnulfo Burgos Jr., commander of thr 202nd Infantry Unifier Brigade. We did not expect that our works would have a far greater impact that was beyond the agricultural sector uplifting the lives of our farming community. We thank the AFP for this recognition for we too were unaware of our impact to peace and nation building.

This recognition has inspired us to work even harder, more so, in getting each of our communities deeply involved in the growth of our companies and creating a sense of national pride and love of country working together is able to create.

We are so proud to of you, Partner Dex Villamin together with your subfarms, we are one in this advocacy.

Mabuhay ka!

Dv Boer Farm International Corp.
DV Boer Foundation
DV BOER Microfinance INC.
MAGSASAKA Incorporated
Magsasaka TV

#WeAreFarmStrong #TeamDVBoerFarm

FCB Team Building 2018

KaFarmilya, during this year alone, Farmcradle has gained more than 50 staff and farmers who are moving towards a regular employment status. Today, our Farmcradle Family is about 125 employees strong! And because OUR PEOPLE is our secret sauce, their education and growth are in our top priority. 
Farmcradle is holding a 4-Day Team Building Seminar and Workshop starting today. All our employees, old and new, will undergo Team Building together with the select focus group they belong to. As our company grows, we want to maintain having a personal relationship and instill a sense of camaraderie between our people. We are focusing our energies on inner-company communication and staff management. At the same time, we are pushing for our technical staff—farm techs, admins, horticulturists, and animal techs—to learn how to step up and grow in their respective fields, as well as learn the leadership skills necessary for independent problem-solving and for heading smaller teams under them. And yes, we made sure we have choice facilitators to help make this training as effective as possible. 
Team Building activities and training like these help our people feel motivated in accomplishing more and becoming the best they can be. This is our way of showing them that we care about their personal growth and that how they communicate and relate to their colleagues matter just as much. All our staff is excited for the next days of activities and growth! Please wish us a good outcome!


Thank you, KaFarmilya, this and all we do are the result of your continued support! We wish you a productive week! 

Farm Cradle And DV Boer Farm At Agrilink 2016

It was a very successful event at Agrilink!

We are so happy to share with you some photos we too during Agrilink last October 6-8, 2016 at the World Trade Center, Pasay City, Philippines.

There were lots of exhibitors who participated during this big event such as farms / farmers, traders, business owners etc. One of the main goals of this big event is to enrich our knowlegde and create awareness with regard to Philippine Agriculture. DV Boer Farm and Farm Cradle are very lucky to be part of this activity.
Here are the highlights of the events:


Oct 6 – First Day of Agrilink

– DV Boer Farm Livelihood Program Thru Magsasaka Inc.
– Farm Cradle Presentation and its Dairy Goat Raising Program


Oct 7 – Second Day

– Oplan Gabay Alaga by Dr. Rey Bello
– Hands-On Training by Krizza Joy Peracho

* Hoof Triiming
* Deworming and vitamin administration
* Basic trouble shooting of goats common diseases


Oct 8 – Third Day

– Proper Boer Goat Care by Mr. Dean Smith
– Seminar with Department of Agriculture by Mr. Dex Villamin
– Lucky Draw for the 3 winners to go to Australia for Goat Training. Congratulations to all of you!

For those who was part of this big event, we would like to thank you for coming and visiting us in our booth. Again, see you on the next Agrilink next year!



Goat Raising Seminar – Learning From The Experts

A very successful event was launched at DV Boer Farm, Lian, Batangas, Philippines and in cooperation of:

Naga City Dairy Goat Farm
Farm Cradle

And in partnership of Australian Government and FGASPAPI. During the event, several speakers shared their expertise in goat raising.

We are very privileged to have our dear speakers to speak about their expertise in goat farming.

Dr. Boying Llorin explained about Dairy Goats and goats milk- the most nutritious milk that would alleviate malnutrition. He also share his insights regarding Philippine Agriculture.

Below are the topics that Dean Smith (owner of Strzboer Farm and Vice President of BGBAA) discussed:

• Strzboer Background – Experiences, purpose, progression

• Running Boer goats in Australia on a commercial and/or stud basis (brief overview of differences in management and expectations between commercial vs. stud production)

• Who is BGBAA? Requirements for joining BGBAA, registrations, transfer, traceability of animals. NLIS Requirements in Australia.

• Tagging, Disease control – Exporting testing and process


Theory Does

Breed Standards Overall
Stud Vs Commerical – Key elements
Observation of Faults – Types of Teats, ears.

Observation and assessments of Does
Conversations of Productivity, Correctness, Birthing problems related to structure of animal.


Theory Health Requirements
Worm Control
Breeding Age, Size and Birthing Problems – Preparation and just after

Theory Breed Standards Overall
Stud Vs Commerical – Key elements
Observation of Faults – Types of Teats, ears.
Conversations of productivity, Correctness, Key Characteristics

Observation and assessments Bucks
Conversations of Productivity, Correctness, undesirable breeding faults related to structure of animal Teats, Testies.

General Care and maintenance of Boer goats
Parasite Control
Essential Equipment for management
Movement of animals
Additional Nutritional requirements – Dependent on Location and food sources
Basic Medication
Weaning age and nutrition –
What to keep, What to Sell, When to sell
How to prepare your animals for Showing and Selling
Foot trimming, Grooming, Diet, Taking photos, Equipment you may need.

There was also a question and answer at the end of the talk.

Sandy in Sydney Royal Easter Show 2016

An annual event held in Sydney over two weeks around the Easter holidays. This is the Sydney Royal Easter Show. It is the biggest event in Australia, and the sixth largest in the world, currently attracting more than one million people every year.

This annual event has been a driving force in the direction and development of agriculture in Australia through events, competitions and education suitable for people of all ages.

It comprises of an agricultural show, an amusement park and a fair, and combines the elements of each, showcasing the judging of livestock and produce. Guests also have the opportunity to taste Australia’s finest produce and enjoy shopping, over 14,000 animals on display, heaps of family fun, carnival rides, a multitude of free entertainment and more.


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