What’s Behind the Name and Logo of Farmcradle?

http://Array Our Farm Name A brand’s name is what is remembered and is instilled on a person’s memory. For Farmcradle, there was so much careful thought that took place and there were a handful of other good options we had to decide against before we made the choice that...

FCB Team Building 2018

KaFarmilya, during this year alone, Farmcradle has gained more than 50 staff and farmers who are moving towards a regular employment status. Today, our Farmcradle Family is about 125 employees strong! And because OUR PEOPLE is our secret sauce, their education and growth are in our top priority.  Farmcradle is holding a...

Farmcradle – ATI Accredited Learning Site for Agriculture

Farmcradle, an ATI Accredited Learning Site for Agriculture This marks an important day for Farmcradle Balungao as we became officially recognised as a Learning Site For Agriculture by the Agricultural Training Institute. We had a formal ceremony yesterday for this milestone with key persons present: Ms Ruby Ann Matutino from the...

Why Agri-Investments Are Both A SMART & COOL Choice

  SMART 1. Livestock Agriculture in the Philippines has grown exponentially during the last 4 years alone thanks to the DV Boer Farm Enterprise. In this short time period, DVBF has been able to partner and create more than 90 other Subfarms thruout Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao-proof that it’s not just a...

Pick N’ Pay Your Veggies

Hydroponics is the method of growing plants WITHOUT SOIL. Instead of soil, water infused with nutrients normally found in soil is used to grow the plants. We are happy to report that Farmcradle will be among the first few who will adapt this system. Starting a Hydroponic garden requires...

ATV Farm Tour / Rides

Up for a Farm Adventure? We just brought in FIVE new ATVs (all-terrain vehicle) at Farmcrade from last week’s Agrilink! Traverse our wide landscape, get a personal guide to “Mount Balungao”, or simply go on a tour inside the farm while driving our cool new vehicles. Experience the clean...

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