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What Does It Take To Be A Farmcradle Subfarm Owner?

More than a hundred Subfarms have already been founded since the Farm Enterprise DV Boer Farm was established in 2014. These farms which are scattered all over Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, are owned by Filipinos with different walks of life, as well as political and religious beliefs. Though our Subfarm Owners form a varied set of people, one thing is common between all of them—they have a deep passion for agriculture and social transformation, and they are strong leaders who have been and are continuously being tested by the challenges that come with belonging to DV Boer’s Group of Subfarms. 
Farmcradle is DVBF’s Pilot Subfarm and has already accredited six Dairy Goat Subfarms under its name. Different from DVBF which focuses on Boer Goats and Cattle for meat production, the FC Group of Subfarms work together to build the foundations of Dairy Goat and Dairy Production in the Philippines. 

What does it take to be a FC Dairy Goat Subfarm Owner? 

First - Practical Considerations

How much will starting a farm cost? There are three initial costs that you will have to consider when starting a farm

  1. First is the cost of land, especially if you do not own one beforehand. The minimum size for farm accreditation is 3-hectares.
  2. Next is the Subfarm Accreditation fee. Becoming an accredited Farmcradle Dairy Goat Subfarm entails you to the technology, operational system, breeding techniques, infrastructure blueprints, trainings, animal husbandry methods, access to Dairy Goat Bucks (for reproduction) and Pa-iwi system, as well as continuous Top-Level support from the FC team. 
  3. Finally, you have to consider the initial cost for business registration, building farm structures, acquiring animals and operational cost (salaries and utilities) of running your farm. Remember that the first stages of starting a farm, or any business, for that matter, entails a considerable investment. You will have to consider whether you can finance a farm using your savings or perhaps a bank loan would be necessary. You can also consider bringing in a partner or partners to help you finance your farm corporation.

Is the land I own idea for starting a Dairy Subfarm? The good news is, prior to the accreditation process, Farmcradle will provide professional consultation and assistance with regards to the acquisition and checking whether the land you own or will purchase is optimal for starting a Dairy Goat Subfarm. We have a real estate service which will help you locate and purchase land that is optimal for Dairy Goat Farming. 

When and how will my Farm become profitable? Creating a Business Plan for your farm is crucial. This business plan, though not set in stone, will give you an overview of the future of your farm. When will you start building infrastructure, acquiring animals, and then reproducing them? How will you utilise the funds acquired from Pa-iwi Partners to pay for your farm operations and animal reproduction? When will you start earning from your farm operations? All these question will be enlightened by your Business Plan. 

The Greater Ask

It can be argued that these three considerations are universal to starting any kind of business. However, when starting a farm, especially one at the caliber of becoming a Farmcradle Dairy Goat Subfarm, there is a greater ask:
  1. Full-time. There is no question that to start a FC Dairy Goat Subfarm will require you to go all-in. Handling a Farm Corporation is a full-time job, it’s like giving birth to a newborn and it will require your utmost care and attention. There is no illusion to running a farm, it is hard work and it is focused management.

  2. That said, becoming a Subfarm Owner requires patience, determination, a generous amount of GUTS TEETH to battle thru the challenges of a farm. Becoming a subfarm owner is not for the faint-hearted. You must be a strong leader especially because you will be handling a great number of people that come from different walks of life. You must be flexible and have great management skills. Once your farm grows in size, getting more people in management level will become a must.

  3. It is important that aside from having the desire to earn money from a business, you must also have a deep passion and love for Agriculture and our advocacy. Seasons will come when the challenges brought about in farming may seem insurmountable. It is this higher belief and trust that your sacrifices will be for the greater good of the country that will help see you thru the financial and emotional challenges of running a Farm Corporation. Nonetheless, our strong community of Subfarms also provides financial and directional support should your farm be hit with natural calamities or unavoidable problems. 

Tangible and Intangible Rewards

At this point, becoming an FC Dairy Subfarm may sound like a frightening prospect. But we assure you that the rewards will be much greater than your sacrifices.
There are many tangible and intangible rewards to running a Farm Corporation. For one thing, a business that operates on tangible products means you can see and experience your farm growing first hand. The number of animals will increase as well as the infrastructure you build and the people you employ. 
Aside from Integrated Farm production, providing employment to your community is one that gives a feeling of fulfillment and meaning to your agripreneurship. Being able to provide fare salaries and wages whilst operating a profitable farm is not something all farms can do. A grateful community will give back and support you as you grow. 
Working in Agriculture entails endless learning. There will never come a point when you’ve learned everything. There will always be something new to improve upon and do better. 
You will meet and learn from people from all walks of life. Farming in the Philippines is on the rise and many people be it urban and rural residents to OFWs from across the globe, professionals, fellow business owners, employees, will you surely meet. 
Lastly, the financial benefits are truly rewarding. In time, you’ll be raising thousands of animals, producing dairy milk, other integrated farming products and reaping the rewards! 
Are you ready? We’ll be here beside you every step of the way!

Bike Zipline

High in the sky! Add a dash of adrenaline to your Agri-Tourism Adventure with our 255-meter Bike Zip Line! Welcome to daredevils or regular humans who’ve saved a generous amount of courage.

We did our first trial today and so far so good! Stay tuned for our official launch and activity rates!

TESDA Accredited Farm School

Today, Farmcradle is Officially a TESDA Accredited Agricultural Training Center! Congratulations to all of us, KaFarmilya!

Farmcradle Training and Assessment Center Inc. is now a sub-entity of Farmcradle International and is focused on Education and Training in the field of Agriculture. We are now officially both ATI (Agricultural Training Institute) and TESDA Accredited and are allowed to issue completion certificate to our students! This means Farmcradle will be a center for excellence and is a reliable source of Training and Education in the field of Agriculture. Our community can come to us for Agri-related education and they can be assured that they are getting top notch education. Neighboring universities can also send their students to us for OJT and hands on training. In fact, this is already in place and even agriculture students from overseas have come to us for hands-on training.

Sa patuloy nating pagtutulungan, ay maaabot natin ang ating mga mabubuting layunin! Salamat sa inyong suporta, KaFarmilya! Let’s educate our future generation!

Hydroponic Systems Provider

In collaboration with DFY – Greenhouse and Hydroponics System Builders – an innovative company specialized in providing efficient and high-quality solutions in Hydroponic cultivation, Farmcradle is proud to announce that we can provide setup of your very own Hydroponics in your backyard or farm.

Hydroponics is the method of growing plants WITHOUT SOIL. Instead of soil, water infused with nutrients normally found in soil is used to grow the plants. It is simple to setup, you use less water than traditional soil-based agriculture. You can plant 4 times the amount of crops in the same space as soil farming and grow them all year long.

Hydroponics Techniques

NFT System

Nutrient Film technique hydroponic systems are some of the most productive available. They are often the preferred / chosen method of commercial growing. Plant roots are grown in a light-tight and shallow channel. Nutrient solution is continuously circulated, flowing over the roots. This is vital to ensure that sufficient oxygen is supplied to the plants. A wide range of vegetables is supplied to the plants. A wide range of vegetables and ornamental crops can be grown in an NFT system.

Drip System

Drip System are the most widely used hydroponic systems in the world. They provide plenty of aeration because plant roots are never totally submerged, but are never allowed to dry out.

Drip systems also pull oxygen down with the water emitted from the drippers. This oxygen-rich water trickles over the plant roots and nourishes them. Operation is simple, a pump has tubing connected to it which branches off to feed many plants.

Nutrient solution is dripped at the base of each plant where it trickles through grow media and into the roots. Finally draining into the reservoir where it is reused or drained to waste.  

Greenhouse Models

Dome Type Greenhouse
7m x 20m

A-Frame Type Greenhouse
7m x 20m

A-Frame Type
7m x 16m

Project Inclusions

  • Construction of Commercial , Large / Small Scale Greenhouse and Hydroponics
  • 3-Day Training and Hands on in any of the Farmcradle Hydroponics Setup in Pangasinan or any of the subfarms
  • FREE Technical Support and Farm Audits
  • On-Site Free Seminar and Hands-On Training With Our Clients

Request For A Sample Quotation

PAIWI 101 – Signing Up for Pa-iwi Online


After reading Farmcradle’s Paiwi Primer & Which Paiwi Package is Right For You, doing your own research, and having available funds. You may now proceed to the next step in becoming a partner!
  • 1. Get in touch with Farmcradle and learn which Paiwi Package is still available or when the Package of your choice will be available.
  • 2. Upon confirmation from Farmcradle, you may now proceed to creating an online account.


  • 1. To register, visit, click either Sign in with Facebook or Sign in with Google from the main page. Clicking any of these buttons will open a Profile Page.
  • 2. Fill out the Profile Page, enter all the required fields and nominate a new password. We recommend creating a unique password as this will tighten your account’s security. Remember to link either your Facebook or Google account to your Profile and add your active email address. Click on the UPDATE button at the lower right corner when you're done. 
  • 3. After filling out the form, Pa-iwi online will send a confirmation email. To confirm your email, click or tap the link in the email you got when you created the account.
  • 4. Visit Pa-iwi Online and log in using the new created account.


  • 1. Inform Farmcradle that you've already created an account under Pa-iwi Online. Provide us with the email you used to register.
  • 2. Farmcradle will then send you a PAI-WI OFFER. You will be notified via your email when the offer is sent.
  • 3. Log-in to your Pa-iwi Online Account. Go to My Pa-iwi tab on the left, double check if the Pa-iwi Offer is correct, then click on the Accept Offer. 


My Pa-iwi tab: Click on VIEW to open the window below.
  • 1. Deposit your Pa-iwi Package Fee to Farmcradle's Account. Farmcradle's Bank details can be found under Banking. Remember that you only have three days to make your deposit once you've accepted the Online Offer. 
  • 2. After your deposit, upload a photo of your Deposit Slip to Step 3 First Payment. You will then receive an acknowledgement document on your email a day or so after your upload. It's also best to inform us that you've already uploaded your Deposit in Pa-iwi Online. 
  • 3. Once you receive the acknowledgement in your email, a copy of the contract will be available in My Pa-iwi: Step 1 Get Copy of Contract for Signing.
  • Download the PDF Copy of your contract.
  • There are two ways to sign the contract: digital or hard copy. For digital, fill out the fields required in the contract, you may attach a digital signature on all the pages. If manual, please print a hard copy of the contract, fill out accordingly and sign all the pages. Take a photo of the all the pages of the filled out contract and convert it to pdf (you can download an Android or iOS app to do this).
  • Upload your signed pdf contract to Step 2 Attached Sign Contract
    Inform Farmcradle that you've already uploaded your signed contract to Pa-iwi Online and provide us with your mailing address.
  • 4. Farmcradle with send a notarized copy of your contract via express mail. All done at this point. You may now wait for your schedule of Pay-outs.

List of Our Documents of Administration

Farmcradle International Inc. is a formal and legal business entity registered in the Security and Exchange Commission. We operate in San Raymundo, Balungao, Pangasinan with a Mayor’s Permit and all the necessary licenses required in our Municipality. Rest assured that Farmcradle is a legally established business entity which you may come, visit & experience in Balungao, Pangasinan. 


Paid via Landbank

Renewed last Jan 24, 2019

Renewed last Jan 17, 2019

In Progress, Waiting for Certificate

In Progress, Waiting for Certificate

Which Pa-Iwi Package Is Right For You?

What factors should you consider when choosing between Farmcradle’s Three Paiwi Packages.

New Year’s Call and Recognition Rites

Today, Dex Villamin, thru his works in DV Boer Farm International has again been awarded, this time by the AFP, for his contribution in helping eliminate the insurgency and other forms of terrorism in Batangas. It is thru DVBF that community building flourished when it was able to provide economic and social opportunities for the members of Batangas province. This allowed people with different political and religious beliefs to unite thru their works in agriculture which prevailed against the call of those who want to cause disruption.

Because of his contributions, Dex Villamin received a recognition from Brigadier General Arnulfo Burgos Jr., commander of thr 202nd Infantry Unifier Brigade. We did not expect that our works would have a far greater impact that was beyond the agricultural sector uplifting the lives of our farming community. We thank the AFP for this recognition for we too were unaware of our impact to peace and nation building.

This recognition has inspired us to work even harder, more so, in getting each of our communities deeply involved in the growth of our companies and creating a sense of national pride and love of country working together is able to create.

We are so proud to of you, Partner Dex Villamin together with your subfarms, we are one in this advocacy.

Mabuhay ka!

Dv Boer Farm International Corp.
DV Boer Foundation
DV BOER Microfinance INC.
MAGSASAKA Incorporated
Magsasaka TV

#WeAreFarmStrong #TeamDVBoerFarm

Farmcradle’s Bird’s Eye View

KaFarmilya, we are extremely proud to reveal what our team together with you, our supporters have built in a little more than two years: Farmcradle 2019!

But we are just getting started. 2019 entails even more growth, expansion, and improvements for Farmcradle. More capable and qualified people in agriculture thru Farmcradle’s training and education programs, more animals and products, an even bigger land to develop, and best of all, a stronger, richer and more productive rural community!

KaFarmilya, take pride on what you helped create! Spread the good works and progress our farmers and the agri community have made!

Together, we will shape an even brighter and more abundant future for our nation and country men.

#WeAreFarmStrong #FarmcradleBalungao #DVBFSubfarm #Pangasinan

Miniature Donkeys At The Farm

Hey KaFarmilya, we have a fun update to “kickstart” our week! Another new Animal has been added to Farmcradle. It’s quite famous and is in fact a Hollywood star. Wild and funny as an actor, but quite cute and tamed in real life. It’s obvious when you see it and if you haven’t figured it out yet— here’s a giveaway Eddie Murphy!

No, Eddie Murphy isn’t an animal, but he voiced the cute-ugly yet lovable character of Donkey in the Shrek Movie! We got two new Donkeys in our farm, but not just any donkey, we got Miniature Donkeys! One is male with a white colour and black spots, the other is a female with an ivory coat and chocolate-coloured spots. They both look totally adorable and we’d like for you to see them!

But first, our mandatory NAMING CONTEST! Send us a name for each of our donkeys and the winner will get a Farmcradle Handmade Care Package!

For more updates, fun and interesting trivia, events and more, FOLLOW our page. Give this post a LIKE. And SHARE all things farming!

#FCBDonkeys #FCBalungao #DVBFSubfarm #Pangasinan #WeAreFarmStrong

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