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Farm Cradle was founded by Tony and Sandy Santos. They started this business because they wanted to contribute in helping the agriculture in the Philippines especially in raising goats. With the help of Dexter Villamin, owner of DV Boer Farm, he inspired the couple to raise goats in their own farm situated in Balungao, Pangasinan, Philippines.

To become a family-based and sustainable agri-business that provides solid returns for both landowners and our operation so future generations can continue in farming.

To improve economic well-being, expansion of agriculture and to enrich the quality of life for all farmers.

Throughout the years since we began our operations, we’ve built Values and Principles that make up Farmcradle’s Signature Culture and Identity.

F – Focused on our Stakeholders
We are focused on and committed to all our primary stakeholders, namely, our Partners, our Staff and our surrounding community. When we put our stakeholders first, we are able to experience a steady growth in Partnerships, and by taking care of our people and the community our business thrives on, we ensure that our operations run as best as possible.

A – Accountability
We stand by and are accountable for the choices our company makes. We are confident we can answer our partners, visitors, and staff’s questions on how we make our decisions and how we run our business. We are also accountable to our community and abide faithfully to the laws of Pangasinan and our country.

R – Reliability and Product Quality
Being open to client feedback and making sure we provide a good business experience with our partners build and improve our Reliability and the Quality of our Products. We continue to improve the quality of our meats and produce and make sure they qualify to the set standards specific to each.

M – Motivation and Morale
It is important that both the people of our company as well as our clients are aware of their contributions to the greater good of our country. This intrinsic company culture allows consistent motivation and positive morale in the whole.

C – Competence
We make sure that our staff and farmhands are sufficiently trained to be able to perform their jobs competently.

R – Respect and Humility
We practice Respect and Humility regardless of rank and background of our staff, clients, and visitors. These values are also applied to how we treat our animals – as humanely as possible.

A – Action-Oriented
Simply, we walk the talk.

D – Diversity
We come from all walks of life, belong to different age groups, and even different religious beliefs and political views. However, we share the same vision in building a strong farm community and business, and more importantly, the same company culture, values and principles.

L – Leadership
Each of our staff and farmhands are taught to be a leader themselves. They are held responsible for each of their duties, are given the power to make their decisions regarding the scope of their work, and are expected to step up to leadership roles when necessary.

E – Empathy
It is through empathy and bayanihan that our farmhands and staff understand the important roles their colleagues play. They learn to acknowledge that each role are as equally important as their own, and therefore, they have learned to empathise with the situation their colleagues face.

T – Teamwork
We focus on teamwork and we move with a shared goal. Together we are stronger.

E – Environment Conscious
As a big company, we are conscious of how our operations impact the environment. We practice heavily in Recycling, Reducing, Reusing, plastic items in our farm, we also don’t burn our trash or dried grass. The huge amount of animal waste we produce is converted into Fertilizer and as we grow further, into Biofuel.

A – Adaptability
Improvement and innovation are achieved through open feedback and critique from our fellow subfarms, staff, and clients. We practice an “open mindset” that enables us to learn and adapt new innovations to improve our products and operations.

M – Making A Difference
At the basic level, we seek to make a difference in the lives of our Staff and Partners. This is by providing them with a steady and an alternative source of income, respectively. In the bigger picture, we also contribute a positive, economic impact not only in our communities and its neighbouring towns but also in the Agriculture Sector of our country.

In addition to these, we seek to transform the image of farming and make it an Attractive Sector to join and invest in.

Ms. Sandy Santos is an OFW / Entrepreneur who has been in the IT and Marketing Industry for 12 years both in Philippines and abroad. She has a double degree in Business Administration and a Registered Nurse in the Philippines. Currently, she is doing Marketing for a corporate dental company in Singapore.

Her experience as a creative and marketing professional has provided tremendous insights into emerging media and its value to any venture. Whether searching for the latest internet craze, debating the latest trends in industry blogs, or striking up a conversation with a stranger, she is finding ways to connect with people.

She believes that her experience abroad and trainings attended awakened her passion in farming and hopefully contribute significantly in Philippine agriculture. Other Ventures:

Real Estate Entrepreneur
Marketing Director at VERZAPRO Philippines Inc.

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