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Month: October 2018

What’s Behind the Name and Logo of Farmcradle?

Our Farm Name

A brand’s name is what is remembered and is instilled on a person’s memory. For Farmcradle, there was so much careful thought that took place and there were a handful of other good options we had to decide against before we made the choice that we would take decades into the future.

“Farmcradle” is short, simple, easy to remember but is full of meaning. Cradle is an infant’s bed or crib, it protects a child, keeps her warm, and is a safe place for her to rest. Cradle is also the act of holding gently and protectively, just as a mother would her young infant or child. This ties into our practice of animal rearing, specifically the Paalaga or Paiwi System. We make sure that our animals live comfortably, live in strong, warm structures, are always well-fed and are taken care of with a human touch. Cradle is also how we treat our partners, employees, and the environment. There is always a personal touch, responsibility and fairness we wish our community to feel whenever they interact with us.

Indeed, Farmcradle embodies who we are as a people, who we are as a farm. 

Our Logo


A logo is a visual representation of an individual or company’s identity, reputation, and values. When you look at it, it should be able to effectively communicate the essence of the brand it represents. When we were envisioning Farmcradle’s Logo, we wanted it to embody who we are on top a design that looks attractive and modern.

The four animals—cattle, goat, chicken, and pig—represents our main operations in livestock production. The blue sky represents clear skies and a bright future ahead. The cradle represents a home for our animals and at the same time it ties up with Noah’s Ark which gathered different animals, in all shape and form, and kept them safe from the storms and the great flood that ensued. 

Local. Natural. Sustainable.


Our three taglines are an extension of Farmcradle.

Farmcradle champions Local Farming. We partner with Filipinos both living in our country and abroad, we hire people who reside near our community, we tie up with other local farmers in our province, and as much as possible we acquire goods from local suppliers. More importantly, we sell our products locally. 

Natural is how we do our farming. We do not inject our animals with growth hormones nor have them go thru unnecessary medications. We also feed them 100% grass and corn. Our herb and vegetable production is also done thru natural methods making use of natural and organic fertilizers and smart farming to help them grow as healthy as their mass-produced counterparts. 

Sustainability is an ongoing challenge that Farmcradle and many of our country’s farms face. Together, our goal is making not only our company’s operations sustainable, but have an overflow of abundance to be able to contribute to the food security of our country—making us and our country as a whole, able to sustain its people.

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FCB Team Building 2018

KaFarmilya, during this year alone, Farmcradle has gained more than 50 staff and farmers who are moving towards a regular employment status. Today, our Farmcradle Family is about 125 employees strong! And because OUR PEOPLE is our secret sauce, their education and growth are in our top priority. 
Farmcradle is holding a 4-Day Team Building Seminar and Workshop starting today. All our employees, old and new, will undergo Team Building together with the select focus group they belong to. As our company grows, we want to maintain having a personal relationship and instill a sense of camaraderie between our people. We are focusing our energies on inner-company communication and staff management. At the same time, we are pushing for our technical staff—farm techs, admins, horticulturists, and animal techs—to learn how to step up and grow in their respective fields, as well as learn the leadership skills necessary for independent problem-solving and for heading smaller teams under them. And yes, we made sure we have choice facilitators to help make this training as effective as possible. 
Team Building activities and training like these help our people feel motivated in accomplishing more and becoming the best they can be. This is our way of showing them that we care about their personal growth and that how they communicate and relate to their colleagues matter just as much. All our staff is excited for the next days of activities and growth! Please wish us a good outcome!


Thank you, KaFarmilya, this and all we do are the result of your continued support! We wish you a productive week! 

Farmcradle – ATI Accredited Learning Site for Agriculture

Farmcradle, an ATI Accredited Learning Site for Agriculture

This marks an important day for Farmcradle Balungao as we became officially recognised as a Learning Site For Agriculture by the Agricultural Training Institute. We had a formal ceremony yesterday for this milestone with key persons present: Ms Ruby Ann Matutino from the Office of the Senator Cynthia Villar and Sandy’s former schoolmate; Mr Bogs Peraltarepresenting his father, the mayor of Balungao, Hon. Phillip Peralta; Mr Robert Evangelista, ATI Central Director; and Mr Crisanto King Cortez, the Executive Director of Magsasaka Inc.

Of course, the Farmcradle family were there to witness their own handiwork and success! We made sure that each of our staff are aware that this achievement is made possible because of their teamwork and contributions. Needless to say, we couldn’t have done it without you, our FARMily, LOYAL friends and supporters!

Itong panalong ito ay para sa atin at sa bansa, mga KaFarmilya. We are proud to be a part of the Agri Sector! Mabuhay ang ating mahal MAGSASAKA!

Why Agri-Investments Are Both A SMART & COOL Choice



1. Livestock Agriculture in the Philippines has grown exponentially during the last 4 years alone thanks to the DV Boer Farm Enterprise. In this short time period, DVBF has been able to partner and create more than 90 other Subfarms thruout Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao-proof that it’s not just a trend, but people are willing to do this for the long term. 
2. Meat & Vegetable Produce will always have a demand. With the growing population of Filipinos, there is more to feed, and the demand for our products will grow along with it. Hence, you can be sure that Agri will never go out of trend!
3. It’s a tangible investment. People who partner with Farms can visit and see for themselves the animals, structures & improvement that are present with their partner farm. With Money Market Products, you cannot see where your investment is going – you wait and hope for the best outcome; with Agri-investments, you don’t only see where your capital goes, you can literally touch, eat, & experience them! 


1. Ever heard of #AgriCoolTure? Gone are the days when Agri is thought of as rural, boring & traditional. Advanced & integrated farms such as Farmcradle now have Exotic Animals, a Hydroponics garden, soon a Butterfly Sanctuary, & so much more. Farms now are attractive tourist spots and are great locations for team building, family & barkada trips, and could even serve as a nature sanctuary. 
2. Want to express your love of country? Partner or invest with our farms! For one thing, you are helping provide employment for thousands of farmers across the nation. Our farmers are given all the benefits of a regular employee in big corporations and more! We ensure that your investment goes to uplifting the lives of our kababayans (not to mention our contribution to food security) and that is certainly worth being proud of.
3. Part of our advocacy is to educate our kababayans all about agriculture. With Farmcradle, we make sure that we bring you smart, funny, and interesting information about farming which you can teach and share with others. As they say, #smartisthenewsexy or in our case, #smartissupercool!

Pick N’ Pay Your Veggies

Hydroponics is the method of growing plants WITHOUT SOIL. Instead of soil, water infused with nutrients normally found in soil is used to grow the plants. We are happy to report that Farmcradle will be among the first few who will adapt this system. Starting a Hydroponic garden requires training and intelligent science for it to work and we are meticulously going thru the steps to get it right.  
Our hydroponic garden wouldn’t just be displayed for our visitors, we want it to be a part of your farm experience. We’ll have vegetable picking activities where you’ll be able to purchase and take home the fresh produce you’ve selected. And if you want to start a hydroponic garden of your own, we’ll make sure our garden keepers are well trained and knowledgeable in teaching curious minds all about the science and application of hydroponics.  

ATV Farm Tour / Rides

Up for a Farm Adventure?

We just brought in FIVE new ATVs (all-terrain vehicle) at Farmcrade from last week’s Agrilink! Traverse our wide landscape, get a personal guide to “Mount Balungao”, or simply go on a tour inside the farm while driving our cool new vehicles. Experience the clean air and green scenery of Balungao on a spunky ride we are sure you’re going to enjoy.

Each ATV can carry two people and rentals is Php750 for 45 minutes! Available now! Bring your action cam and possibly an extra set of clothes. Our ATVs are hills, mud, and dirt-ready so you should be too!

We hope you’re thrilled with our surprise. So what are you waiting for?! Come and take a ride in Farmcradle!

#FarmAdventure #ATVRide #FCBAdventures #FCBalungao#DVBFSubfarm #Pangasinan #WeAreFarmStrong

Why Cattle Affineur Program?

Partnership Benefits

Our Cattle Affineur Program is among Farmcradle’s most desired Paiwi Programs. It has the advantage of having the shortest contract maturity date of 1 year. And it also has the attractive returns of 15% per annum
Our Cattle Affineur Program costs Php1,000,000 and is paid in full upon contract signing. After one year, you’ll receive Php1,150,000. We know that not everyone is able to provide the initial Php1M, hence, we are allowing co-partnership.  You can find a co-partner to share the capital investment.  However, we will only allow one signatory in the contract.  All payment contributions and pay-out distribution is internal arrangement between you and your co-partner/s.  Optionally, but we would suggest that you have a separate memorandum of understanding (MOU)  between you and your co-partners on the division of capital and returns as we will only be paying to the principal partner on the contract.  If you are unable to find a partner to share the contract with, we’ll be able to help you as we may have similar inquiry as well.  However, it is still best if you are well-acquainted, have a relationship with or is related to your partner. 

Tangible Contributions

So what is the Cattle Affineur System all about? Upon engaging with Farmcradle, we will acquire 40 male cattle 6-7 months in age. We will then be the ones to manage and take care of them, feeding them all-grass and nutritious produce until they reach a desirable weight for slaughter.

The cattle we fatten for our Program contribute to the market’s demand for high-quality beef cuts and parts. We brand our cattle meat, Angas Beef, known for its distinct Filipino taste and its fat and tender meat. Hotels are currently our main market, however, as our production continues to grow, we see ourselves expanding further to other markets such as restaurants and food businesses. Therefore, the demand for our quality beef products continues to rise with no signs of stopping or decreasing. 

Interested in Partnering with Farmcradle’s Cattle Affineur Program? Learn more and find out our available slots by sending us an email at or call us at 0917 FCRADLE

Millennial Farmers in Agriculture

Farming is among the world’s oldest professions. In a 2013 study of Philippine Agriculture, it showed that ages of farmers averaged 57 years old and our country faced a critical shortage of farmers in 15 years. How then will we face the challenge of food shortage evident by the extreme increase in food prices as of late?

A year after that study was published, Dv Boer Farm was founded. Now, in 2018, after merely four years, DVBF was able to establish another 90 plus Subfarms all over the country. And among the greatest impact of DVBF and its Subfarm, is its pursuit and success in hiring more of Millennial-aged agriculturists and farmers.

Millennials are those born between 1982 and 2002, their age ranges from 36 to 16 years old (note that the age range may be different depending on your source). Because of the modern and socio-entrepreneurial character of DVBF, Farmcradle and fellow Subfarms, its utilization of social media, and having fair and attractive salaries, we are able to hire more MIllennials into our fold. In Farmcradle alone, we have more than 70 millennial-aged employees. We’ve been hiring fresh graduates aged 20-21 years old and will continue to hire the younger generation of farmers as we grow.

At Farmcradle, we, in fact, have a preference for Millenials to come and join our fold. Millennials are more efficient and rely more on technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship. They speak their mind, are more passionate and sociable, and have a greater influence on their community because of social media. We then make use of these strengths to spread knowledge about farming and attract other younger #farmers to join.

But aside from these facts, let’s hear what some of our youngest hires have to say about why they chose Agriculture and Farmcradle:

“Noong una po kasi mama ko po ang namili ng aking kurso, pero nung napasok ko na at naexperience ko na, ganoon pala kaimportante at kasaya ang pagtatanim. Sa agriculture, tayo pala ang pinakafoundation bago ang lahat ng courses kasi saatin nangggaling lahat – damit, pagkain, gadgets (copper), housing, cosmetics etc. halos lahat galing sa Agriculture. At hindi dapat nila “Lang” or binabasta basta ang Agriculture. Pinili ko ang Farmcradle dahil sila ang unang nagbigay ng opportunity para ishowcase ang mga nalalaman ko at talento ko sa pagtatanim. Masaya ako kasi marami rin akong kaibigan na kasama ko sa trabaho at alam ko marami pa ako matututunan dito sa FCB.”

Anne Margarett De Fiesta
BS Agriculture – General Curriculum
Horticulturist at Farmcradle Balungao

#MillenialFarmers #FCBalungao #DVBFSubfarm #Pangasinan#WeAreFarmStrong

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