Month: April 2016

2 Important Tips for Beginners in Goat Farming

Goat farming is not an all new industry. This form of animal-raising has been practiced for centuries, and there are lots of people from all over the world who are making this as their main source of livelihood. These days, a lot more people are starting to see the benefits and potential profits to be gained from goat farming business. But is this form of animal husbandry as easy as buying goats and crossing your fingers?

Important Tips to Know When Raising Boer Goats

One of the easiest breeds of goats to take care of are Boer Goats, but you still need to know what to do and how.
Boer goats are adabtable. They are able to live in different climates, from hot temperatures to dry climates.  Compared to other breeds, they grow faster and best of all, they are fertile. So if you are thinking

Sandy in Sydney Royal Easter Show 2016

An annual event held in Sydney over two weeks around the Easter holidays. This is the Sydney Royal Easter Show. It is the biggest event in Australia, and the sixth largest in the world, currently attracting more than one million people every year.

This annual event has been a driving force in the direction and development of agriculture in Australia through events, competitions and education suitable for people of all ages.

It comprises of an agricultural show, an amusement park and a fair, and combines the elements of each, showcasing the judging of livestock and produce. Guests also have the opportunity to taste Australia’s finest produce and enjoy shopping, over 14,000 animals on display, heaps of family fun, carnival rides, a multitude of free entertainment and more.


Goat Farming Training at STRZBOER Farm

I never had any background in farming. Believe me. I have never imagined myself being in this line of business. I currently work in the field of IT and Marketing. Being here in Singapore for so many years, one of the regular activities that I do is attending seminars that discuss various investment opportunities in my home country- Philippines.

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